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Graphical displaying/Recording pumping characteristic for your system and quick noticing the situation by e-mail

The P-LOGGER enables to graphically display and record pressure data as CSV format at real time by taking pressure data of vacuum gauge through USB port of computer.

It notices system situation by email when the pressure is reached the pressure for starting experiment or the pressure is not reached specified pressure in planned time. Therefore the operators can be away from the system and do another task.

During logging data the operators allow write down any comments with marking onto the graph like chart recorder.

Recordable maximum 16 CC-10 gauges per one computer.



・Just pushing start button on the screen then starting graphical display pressure data

・It is no use for any operation because the digits are automatically zoomed as time passes

・Free scrolled and zoomed in and out for X axis(time) and Y axis(pressure)

・Free choice of measure of time(second, minute, hour) even during measuring freely

・Copying and printing graph. Free choice of line color of graph drawings

・Titling and attaching note for reminding any condition of measurement



・The P-LOGGER records and stores pressure data as log files at real time

・Processing and analyzing data with spreadsheet like EXCEL due to stored as CSV format

・Note of graph title, time of starting measurement and condition of measurement are stored as the header

・It allows the operators to write down any comments about any events and conditions at that time with marking onto any area of graph. The note is also stored as log files then it is helpful for analyzing data

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・Previous data or edited data as reference data are displayed at real time onto graph. If you register standard characteristic of system as reference data, you can judge the health of system.

・A number of set-points for time or pressure are available. Any alarm or notice is available by using this set-point function

・Reminder function is available. When time or pressure value is reached specified set-points, data information is sent to operator by E-mail. Therefore operators allow to be away from system and do another tasks in other places.

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・Portable design of CC-10 gauge allows to bring with laptop easily and it is helpful for recording in service field


・Maximum 16 CC-10s are available for multiple monitoring pressure through RS485 digital communication


・Connecting computer through RS485 digital communication converted USB interface.

・Expandable design. Require one software license for a number of CC-10s


・Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 10



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