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Seamless measurement from ATM to UHV on a single port

Crystal/Cold Cathode Combination All-in-One Vacuum Gauge

Conventional high vacuum systems normally have three vacuum gauges for measuring three different vacuum ranges, which are atmosphere range, rough vacuum range and high vacuum range.
CC-10 wide range vacuum gauge, using a state of the art vacuum measuring technology, allows seamless measurement from atomspheric pressure to ultra high vacuum with single vacuum gauge on a single vacuum port. The all-in-one design vacuum gauge contained the compact vacuum sensor and the electronics controller which equipped with LED pressure display and interfaces.
Just supply 24VDC to CC-10 and , without any operation, you will have pressure reading, three set-point relay contacts, 10VDC analog data and also RS485 digital communication signals.

CC-10 measurement range.jpg



Free operation
Just supply 24VDC and CC-10 starts seamless measurement from Atomspheric pressure to ultra high vacuum. Pressure indication will be provided. on the compact body and analog data as well as RS485 digital data will be provided through the interface connector. Three set-points are also provided.

Tough and Safe
The cold cathode gauge built in CC-10 does not use any high temperature filaments like hot cathode gauges and Pirani gauges. For that reason CC-10 is endurable against rough environments and is applicable to many industry uses.

Excellent accuracy and stability
The crystal sensor used for rough vacuum is far more accurate and also more stable than other rough vacuum gauge such as Pirani gauge or thermocouple gauge.

Easy maintenance
You can easily disassemble and clean the sensor yourself. It only takes one minute for disassembling and reassembling.

Accessory, expandability
Remote display unit(DS-10), AC/DC adaptor(24VDC) and PC data logging software are available as optional accessories.

Energy and space saving
CC-10 is transducer type. Energy, wiring, space saving.

- CC-10 Wide Range Vacuum Gauge & P-LOGGER Vacuum Pressure Data Logger Softwarwe Movie -

Crystal sensor technology(pressure measurement with crystal)

The crystal sensor is a simple tuning-folk shaped quartz oscillator that's similar to the oscillators commonly used in wrist watches. The electrical impedance of the oscillation depends upon the pressure of the gas that surrounds the quartz oscillator, because the resistance to the oscillation(as caused by friction between the quartz surface and gas molecule), varies as the pressure changes. Crystal sensor measures the electrical impedance of the quartz oscillator and its circuitry converts it to the pressure value. Crystal sensor is more stable than Pirani gauge which uses heat conduction phenomenon. Repeating accuracy is within ± 1% as shown in the graph below.

Repeatability of ATM pressure measurement.jpg Crystal sensor.png

Applications of CC-10

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CC-10 Example2.png

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Measurement Range

 1.0×10-7Pa to Atomsphere(105Pa)

Control Circuit

 Control circuit is mounted on sensor assembly on the whole

Sensor Technology

 Rough vacuum from atmosphere to 10Pa is measured using crystal sensor, while  pressure from 10Pa to 1.0×10-7 is measured with double inverted magnetron cold  cathode sensor. Both of the sensor are automatically switched depend on pressure  range.

Pressure Display

 7 segment LED digital display on the front panel

 External display unit(DS-10) is available as an option

Pressure Signal Output

 Analog output 0 - 10V(selecta modes, LOG or combined linear)

Set Point

 3 set points(with hysteresis)  standard DC50V, 0.12A  PhotoMOS relay

 One independent, two common ground

Relay I/O

 Crystal zero adjustment trigger, ATM adjustment trigger, High voltage inhibit

Digital Interface


Input Voltage

 DC22 - 26V (available 100VAC/24VDC adaptor as an option)
 Power consumption  MAX 8W


 Storage: -40 deg C ~ +55 deg C  

 Operation: max 50 deg C

 Bake temperature: 150 deg C (with electronics module removed)

Vacuum Connection

 NW25 and Rotatable 2.75"CF


 Dsub 15Pin(attached female connector)


 840g(NW25 model), 1060g(2.75"CF model)


CC-10 Dimension(mm)

CC-10 dimension2.png

      NW25              CF2.75"



DS-10 Display Unit

Connecting with analog output of CC-10, we can use DS-10 Display Unit as external display.
Conpact body: W48mm x H48mm x D108mm
3 set points (One is independent: AC25V 3A, 2 are common: AC25V 1A)
Total 6 set points are available in conjunction with 3 set points of CC-10.


AC Adaptor

This is AC100V adaptor for supplying DC24V to CC-10 Wide Range Gauge and DS-10 Display Unit. Users can connect to accesible AC100V electric source, so it is useful in laboratory without DC24V. And if we carry around with CC-10 and AC adaptor, we can easily measure vacuum pressure for field service everywhere.


P-LOGGER - Pressure Data Logger for CC-10 -

The pressure data of CC-10 gauge is plotted in real time and recorded as CSV file. The P-LOGGER has functions that it informs users about condition of system by E-mail. This function is useful when the operator is away from the system. And it is possible to mark and write some comments in any points upon graph during data measurement.
Recordable data for maximum 16 CC-10s with a PC.